REG welders for conveyor belts

REG is a worldwide leader in the production of high-frequency welding machines designed to apply details, sidewalls and cleats on PVC, PU and Polyester conveyor belts.

Application for conveyor belts creation

Industry and automation heavily rely on the production of plastic conveyor belts, made of materials such as PVC, PU and Polyester; and often, the surfaces of such conveyor belts need to be equipped with specific accessories, such as sidewalls and cleats, according to specific application needs, in order to comply with industry requirements.

Our solution for your problem

High-frequency transmission-based welding, such as is used in REG’s machines, proves ideal for such work because of its strength and precision; besides this, it offers the huge advantage of being executed at low temperatures, which ensures absence of any undesired warping on projects and applications of any size and shape.

Conveyor belts gallery

We build and sell high frequency welding machine from 3.5 to 20 kw, standard or custom to weld profile sidewall, splicing and all other application where high frequency technology is necessary. All our press respect the highest safety standard and electromagnetic field emission.
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