Applications for REG's High-frequency welding machines

High-frequency welding machines are routinely used in a great number of industrial sectors and manufacturing fields. Discover how REG’s high-frequency welders can be the ideal solution for your Company too!

There are dozens of industrial sectors where radio-frequency welders are routinely used, and new applications are constantly being developed as the market evolves. The fields where REG boasts the greatest performances are the production of car seat coverings and detail welding on conveyor belts:


One of the primary application fields of high-frequency welding machines is manufacturing of car seat coverings: fabric is embossed and inserts can be added to obtain any look and shape imagined by the designers. Besides this, high-frequency welders are also used to manufacture car door panels, car floors and hoods, and sunshades.

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Conveyor belts

When manufacturing conveyor belts in plastic materials such as PVC, PU, and Polyester, radio-frequency welding machines find one of their base applications, allowing for the addition of accessories and details to the moving surfaces, such as profiles and cleats for material transportation and containment walls.

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The packaging sector requires long-lasting welding on plastic materials such as PVC, PET-A and PET-G; radio-frequency welding machines prove to be the ideal tool for the manufacture of sturdy boxes and blisters.

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Early childhood

High-frequency welding machines are capable of guaranteeing the sturdiness and resilience required of those products which are subject to continuous, hard stresses, such as those designed for early childhood, like car seats, strollers and playpens.

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The medical sector particularly appreciates the quality and robustness of high-frequency welding; radio-frequency welding machines are routinely employed in manufacturing blood, urine, and waste bags.

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Large coverings

The strength and invisibility of radio-frequency welding is well suited to the needs of manufacturing movie screens and great event sets, as well as large tents and storage structures.

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High-frequency transferral is often used in the textile industry: the most common applications for radio-frequency welding machines involve applying logos, badges and patches to articles of clothing.

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There are a great number of stationery articles for the office and the classroom alike – from folders, to ring binders, to notebook covers – where high-frequency welding insures robustness and a long product life.

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