Services for REG high-frequency welding machines

REG is more than custom production of high-frequency welding machines; we round out our offer with a range of additional services making our customers’ lives easier.

REG’s primary activity consists of designing and manufacturing custom radio-frequency welding machines for all industrial fields. However, our customers also have more evolved and complex needs, to satisfy which specific services are needed: and in accordance with our approach of total customer satisfaction, REG offers such services daily.


Certainty of a project’s success depends on running the right tests with the appropriate welding machines, to ensure final results and their compatibility with the required specifications. REG presamples finished pieces according to customer designs upon request, to give actual proof of the quality of the finished work.

Prototyping and electrode molds manufacture

High-frequency welding requires the use of high-precision welding electrode molds, if impeccable results are to be ensured; tolerances are minimal, and difference in performance may prove significant. REG offers to all customers the design and manufacture of all electrode molds required for their projects, including prototyping, to ensure a perfect final result and its exact match to required customer specifications.

Installation, setup, technical support

A radio-frequency welding machine’s perfect operation begins with correctly executed installation and setup, as only competent, specialized technicians can ensure. REG installs and sets up our welding machines all over the World, and grants tecnical support at all times for quick resolution of any kind of difficulty.

Personnel training

Fully realizing a high-frequency welding machine’s potential in complete safety requires trained and competent personnel with a complete knowledge of the welder’s functions and workings. REG directly trains personnel on the customer’s premises or on our own, both at first installation and in case new worker teams are hired.

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