REG Galbiati srl: High Frequency Welding Machines

REG isn't just a company like others.
We revolutionised the world of production thanks to our innovative vision for the industry, being one of the first companies to produce welding machines.

How REG become what's now?

Over seventy years have passed by since the brothers Angelo and Luciano Galbiati founded “RADIO ELETTRONICA GALBIATI” in 1948, building and selling the first high frequency welders with the “REG” brand. This has been possible thanks to the theoretical knowledge of the first radar systems developed during wartime and to the work experience accrued in the post-war period in the field of inductive and capacitive heating of materials (first high frequency PVC welding systems). 

REG's calling

From generic welders (where the composition of the finished item was exclusively entrusted to the operator’s manual skill) we went to systems of a new generation where the welding process is carried out through a series of automated interlocking of materials and differentiated components according to the different application fields. 

The dynamics and flexibility of Lombard family enterprises allowed “REG” to extend its know-how through a production style principally directed to the study and realization of specific systems for the different sectors. The great sensitivity shown by the management over the course of many years, which has reached the third generation, to the security problem has guided the company towards continuous investments in human and technological resources. The main objective has always been to meet the customers’ productive requirements in observance of the regulations in force

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